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Repair your HVAC System

AC Repair Fayetteville NC is the first number you should call when your AC goes down. We’re fast and reliable. We’re not some big chain – we’re locally owned. We support our community and our customers are our neighbors.

When the temperature rises and your AC isn’t working, you just want it fixed FAST! It’s hard to sleep, the kids are cranky, the air gets sticky. We’re on it.

Our technicians come right to house and check the system. A leaky seal, a faulty switch or a blown capacitor, if we don’t have the parts in our truck – we’ll get them and get them fast. Then we’ll repair your unit and make sure it’s running properly. We leave our work area as we found it – no mess for you to manage.

We do the work, you get to chill.

AC & Heating System Maintenance

Your heating and cooling system isn’t any different than your car. It requires maintenance or doesn’t perform properly and eventually it breaks down.  Some maintenance is DIY – change your filters, keep your condenser clear of brush and debris.

But when comes to keeping your system optimized, it really is a job for professionals. We can clean the coils and fan blades and check your refrigerant levels. Just call us and we’ll come over.

Spring and Fall are the best times to get it done.

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Tired of paying too much to find out what’s wrong with your AC?
Affordable diagnostic fees. Reliable service. Licensed, bonded, insured.

+1 910-415-1502

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Over a decade of hands-on experience in repairing, maintaining and installing HVAC systems.

We check for refrigerant leaks and keep your system running at peak performance

Bonded and insured – we offer great customer service at an affordable price. Guaranteed!